Dish Draining Mat Tutorial

This is a tutorial to make a very simple mat for putting under a dish drainboard. You can apply the method for making this mat to making lots of different things including placemats, coasters, even baby doll blankets. This is very simple and I’m hoping that it will help someone that is just learning to sew. This mat is made out of muslin and french terry cloth (it is thinner than regular terry cloth), though it would work with any towelling material. It is also an excellent project for using vintage hand towels. First, measure the space under your draining board. I put a piece of paper under mine and added about an inch on all sides to make sure it caught all drips. Cut one piece out in your top fabric, and one in your towel fabric. Pin both pieces of fabric together, right sides together. Starting in the middle of the bottom, stitch all the way around making sure you leave a several inch gap in order to turn right side out. If your terry cloth is thick, you may need to leave a bigger gap. Trim the corners off so that it is easier to turn. Turn right side out and press. Fold the fabric in where there is a gap and make sure to press it so that when you embroider it, you will be sure to stitch it shut. Thread a length of embroidery floss ( I used three strands) and using a running stitch, stitch around the mat. Finish with a knot, trim the threads and there you go, a fantastic new draining mat.

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