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We’re having lots of fun on our trip so far, but I must admit, it is a little difficult adjusting to never being at home. The babe is not generally comfortable out of her own little circle of “normal”, and so she is always by my side. This isn’t a problem, but at home she will go play on her own or with the bigger kids, here she doesn’t want to be out of my sight. She is also staying up until I go to bed, which I must admit, has made me realize how much I need those couple of hours after the kids go to bed. I am craving a little bit of down time, just a few minutes of peace and quiet. It’ is also a bit odd trying to keep to a different laundry schedule, though I must admit, not having to cook every meal has been kind of nice. Don’t get me wrong, I am having fun and it’s been nice having a change of pace, but I think I will really enjoy returning home. I am looking forward to heading out to the shore in a couple of days. I love being by the water and cannot wait to walk along the beach. The kids are really excited as well. I’m still not sure exactly what our internet situation is going to be, so I might be a bit absent here for a bit, but I’m sure I will have lots to tell and show you when I get back. Please know that I love receiving your comments, and am so thankful that you take the time to stop by and say hello. I am trying to keep up with your blogs as well, but have just not had the time to comment. Hubby and I are sharing a computer and he is working still, so my time is short. Well, I am having a hard time concentrating, having the babe tap my arm every 10 seconds for help isn’t helping much either. I think I shall say goodnight and think about heading to bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day, packing up all of our bags and getting ready to hit the road again. I hope you are all having a great week, and thanks so much for the wonderful invitations to visit when we finally get over to Britain. Rest assured, I will definitely be taking you up on your offers for tea and a visit.

nature, travelling • Monday, May 17th, 2010 • 9 Comments »

To The Dentist (and back)

We drive 45 minutes away to go the kid’s dentist. We had a really bad experience with the one here in town several years ago and won’t take our kids to see him. Anyway, it’s a nice little drive and I thought I’d share some of the views.

nature, travelling • Friday, February 12th, 2010 • 15 Comments »

Houses on Stilts

stilt houses On our way home, we drove a little way out of the way to take a ferry ride over the Illinois River. After we crossed and were driving on a small road, we drove by this row of houses on stilts. There is so much flooding in this area that it is really common for people to build up on stilts to prevent problems. Many of the houses had their decks built directly under the house complete with grill, and porch swing. I love the colours of these houses and thought they looked just perfect along the tree lined river. I hope you all have a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve.

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On Our Way Home

lighthouse biscuit tin I just love this tin. Most of the Christmas ones I come across have the idyllic sleigh in the field scene, which don’t get me wrong, is really nice. It’s just that this one is so different, I instantly grabbed it (thrift store) and I really, really love it. Who wouldn’t love a lighthouse all dressed up for Christmas? Well, we are in a hotel, halfway home. It’s been a long, but fun, two and a half weeks and now we are ready to get back. Unfortunately the weather is starting to get bad. It’s very rainy, and it’s starting to freeze, which doesn’t mix very well with driving. So, off to quickly pack up and head out to try to beat the storm. I have so many pictures and things to tell you about, and Christmas is right around the corner, so I have a lot of last minute things to catch up on when we get home. I hope to pop in quickly tomorrow and show you a project that I have been working on. Let’s hope the weather holds and we can get back home tonight. Hope everyone is doing well, and getting ready for a calm, peaceful Christmas.

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