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Blue and White Thrifty Bits

Here are some more thrifty bits that I came across recently. I had a brilliant Kate Greenway book when I was a girl filled with all sorts of games in it. When I saw this, it brought back such memories and I knew this would look great in the girls room by itself, or filled with paper flowers. Some creamy lace trim that will be perfect for my summer sewing. A nice springy skirt for when the weather warms up and the wind dies down, and a couple of slips to re-do a la dottie angel style. I hope that by adding this to a post about thrifted items, nobody thinks I am trivializing the situation, but I wanted to mention how saddened I was by Elspeth Thompson’s death. She was such a sweet, and generous woman and I always loved communicating with her. Her books were a delight and her blog was a joy to read. She will be sadly missed and my prayers are with her family at this time.

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