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River Cottage Crumpets

I haven’t had a crumpet in ages. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a homemade one, so last week the kids and I made some. They were surprisingly easy to make, and after adjusting for time/heat after the first couple they came out just fine. The recipe came from The River Cottage Bread Handbook, which I absolutely love. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to trying out many more of the recipes. They were absolutely scrumptious. They went pretty quickly and the remaining couple were toasted the following day and then slathered with butter, enough to drip down our arms. A couple of them were wrapped up as a gift for someone who loves them just as much as I do. Now for one of my questions from the weekend. If the house were on fire, and all of my family was safe, what would I grab? Though there are many items that are precious to me, I would grab the computer as it has all of our family photos. I would be absolutely devastated to lose all of those, so that is what I would grab. If anyone else has questions for me, just put them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them this week.

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