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A Rainbow of Bell Peppers

bell peppersSadly this was the last week of our local farmer’s market. I was looking for some good bargains on items that I could preserve for the winter, and I knew I hit the jackpot when I saw these gorgeous peppers. We have one organic farm that has a stall at the market, and their produce is exceptional and their prices are phenomenal. Often their prices beat the conventional produce of the other sellers. As much as we can, we try to buy organic food and support the farmers who are growing their produce in this way. With six mouths to feed and a tight food budget it isn’t always possible to buy organic, so when I come across a good deal I try to stock up. I think they thought I was a little nutty when I told them I wanted 20 peppers, oh well, I had a plan. When we got home I started to wash, slice, and dice these babies and after a couple of hours (with plenty of distractions), I had these… diced bell peppers20 bags of diced peppers ready to go into the freezer. Not only will it save me time when trying to get supper ready, but we will have scrumptious, farm fresh, organic bell peppers during the freezing, wintery months. The only regret I have is that I didn’t buy more.

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