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So Much To Be Thankful For

hot cocoaWhen I am pregnant, I have a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It is not fun at all, it is a condition which you experience extreme nausea and vomiting, to the extent that you cannot keep anything down at all. It is not the same as morning sickness, and it can be fatal if not treated. There are four basic medications that can help control the sickness, unfortunately I am allergic to two of them, one of them didn’t work at all for me, and the fourth barely worked with my first pregnancy. Each pregnancy got a little worst, and by the time I was pregnant with the fourth babe, it wasn’t working at all. I know when I am pregnant, within two days of conceiving, it’s that bad. This time I was in the hospital four days after discovering I was pregnant. A week later I was in for a week and a half. Nothing was working medication wise so they just kept filling me up with fluids and sending me on my way. December 15th, two years ago ( I was only a few weeks pregnant), while Hubby and the boys were away at a wedding, my mom took me to the emergency room as she was really worried about me. Quite frankly, I was so sick I don’t think I realized how bad it was. They said it was a good thing she brought me in. I was promptly admitted and stayed on the maternity ward for the next two months. It was a very difficult time, and it was very hard to be away from my family. No treatment was working so they quickly decided to give me a picc line and for the next two months I was fed through a tube in my arm. It was a long two months, and there were a couple of big scares including one terrifying night that I tried not to panic after they discovered that I had a blood clot an inch away from my heart. By the time the middle of February rolled around, I was finally able to keep very small amounts of food down, for the first time in three months. Soon I was able to go home. For the rest of my pregnancy I was in and out of bed rest, and on tons of strong medications to keep the nausea under a bit of control. The last couple of weeks in my pregnancy, things started to get worse again. The vomiting was back with a vengeance and I was not able to get as much food and water down as I needed to keep the babe and I healthy. I was put on bed rest again as I was having problems with having too many contractions and I was oh, so ready to have this babe. After having my first three children completely naturally with no pain medication or intervention, this babe made her entrance via an emergency c-section. She was born severely tongue tied, so much so, that she couldn’t nurse. I spent the first two nights, in a fair amount of pain, pumping my milk and feeding it to my newborn in a tiny medicine cup. We ended up having to stay for a week as she wasn’t gaining enough weight, but eventually she got the hang of nursing and we were good to go. Two weeks later, I ended up in the emergency room as I was having a difficult time breathing. They told me it was a panic attack (because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong), but three days later I was back. I had a bunch of gall stones in my gall bladder and one had gotten loose and blocked off the duct to my liver. The doctor said she was amazed I wasn’t yellow, as my liver had almost completely stopped functioning. I was admitted once again, and had a minor surgery to correct the immediate problem. Once the little one hit six weeks (and my c-section scar was sufficiently healed) I went back for another surgery to remove my gall bladder. Needless to say, it has been a long two years. My estimated recovery time for just the pregnancy problems was 18 months, not counting the extra healing time I needed for 3 surgeries in six weeks. So last Christmas was spent pretty much recovering from a round of surgeries. All of this to say, that I have so much to be thankful for. After two difficult Christmases, and seventeen months of recovering time, I am finally feeling pretty much myself again. I have four beautiful, healthy children, and my own health is back. I am really looking forward to this season as it’s been a while since I had a really enjoyable one. Wow, I didn’t mean to go on for so long. I have so much to be thankful for, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat to have my beautiful children. Hope you all are having a wonderful time of year, and remembering that no matter how bad some things get, there is always something to be thankful for.

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