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Christmas in February

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of February, here it is the 25th, and it’s Christmas here, well at least for planning purposes. In the eleven years we’ve been married, we’ve never had a tree skirt for our Christmas tree. I’ve always used a Christmassy blanket and just kind of shoved it around the base of the tree, but as a blanket, it never fit just right and despite my plans for sewing a skirt, by the time December comes around it is one of the projects that gets left in the dust as there are more important things to do. With my new plan this year to do one small thing each month in order to have a less hectic Christmas, I am already feeling less stressed. Last month I started a notebook with ideas and lists of things I wanted to get done, and this month I made a tree skirt. It was fairly easy, just cut a large circle with a small circle in the middle to go around the base of the tree. Cut from the outside to the inside, ew on some coordinating bias tape and voila, a new tree skirt. This Christmas every month of the year really is only meant to simplify Christmas, so if you want to join along I’d love to see what you’re working on. No pressure or added stress, no extra projects, just little steps to be prepared so that December is calmer, with more time for spending time with loved ones. We’re getting snowed on here, haven’t actually had too much snow this year, just lots of bitterly cold, windy days that have been far too cold for it to actually snow. So if it’s cold where you are, stay warm and know that spring will eventually come, and if it’s turning the corner into spring now, enjoy it for us. Have a great Friday everyone!

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