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An Afternoon in the Park

wooden gatered leavesmountain mahoganybee on flowershorseshoe sculptureDuring this last part of summer we quite easily slipped into the habit of packing up a picnic every Saturday and heading out to a park or lake. It has been wonderful to get out and see some beautiful scenery. The children enjoy running around breathing in the fresh air, and seeing a bunch of different plants and animals along the way. Lately I have been trying to be more observant of the nature around us and have been quite surprised at what I can see when I just keep my eyes open. This afternoon out brought plenty of bees, butterflies, rabbits, a deer, beautiful old wooden gates and a sculpture made entirely out of horseshoes. I’m loving that this has become a bit of a routine and will be sad to come to the point where the weather prevents us from going out quite so much. I do look forward to walks and picnics as the autumn continues, as the trees are now starting to change. I love the fall colours and the nip in the air.

nature • Thursday, September 24th, 2009 • 6 Comments »