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My Boy and His Onion

my boy and his onion My kiddos have been really enjoying watching the progress of our veggies.  This is my boy and he is very proud of his onion. We’ve watered and watched until we could stand it no longer.  He was very excited when I told him he could finally pull his onion out of the ground.  It may not be huge, but it’s his and it made the most delicious spaghetti sauce.  It is so true that if the kids have a hand in growing the food, they are more likely to enjoy eating it. You can be assured that we will be planting more onions next year.

gardening • Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 • 4 Comments »

Purple Onions and Orange Tomatoes

purple onion and an orange tomato I have always been fascinated by tomatoes that are colours other than red, so this year we planted several different varieties of tomatoes.  I was really excited about bright yellow, sunshine orange, and dark purple tomatoes.  Alas, the Lemon Boy plant succomed to some bizarre fungus.  The Black Cherry plant somehow managed to not grow very much at all. My Valencia tomato plant, however, is doing just fine with at least 20 tomatoes.  Despite being accidentally broken off the vine, this little guy ripened up beautifully on the porch. Our little red onion also suffered a blow early on in life.  When it was tiny, some curious little fingers attempted to pluck it out of the ground.  With it’s roots barely under the soil, this onion grew above ground.  He managed to grow to a decent size and will soon be enjoyed for a meal. This is the first year I’ve attempted planting anything more than herbs in pots, but I am loving every minute of it.  I may not know enough to figure out what happened to two of my tomato plants, but the small successes we are having are fantastic.  I am very much looking forward to better luck next year, and the huge amounts of orange tomatoes we should get here shortly.

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