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Drink Your Oats

We are big smoothie drinkers around here. They are great for breakfast or an afternoon snack. I usually put in yogurt, bananas and strawberries or mangoes, basically whatever fruit we have hanging around, a little milk and on occasion a little drizzle of honey. Last week were looking for a way to mix things up a little so we made banana oatmeal smoothies. I know it sounds a bit bizarre, but they were delicious. We used plain homemade yogurt, bananas, cinnamon, some milk, a drizzle of honey,and a small handful of raw oats. There was great texture to it and the flavours were fantastic. So if you are looking for a new smoothie to try, throw in some oats. What is your favourite smoothie?

food • Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 • 8 Comments »