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A New Lens

Hubby and the kids surprised me on Mother’s Day with a new 35mm lens for my camera. I am loving it, and having lots of fun playing around with it. I am not often completely surprised, but they completely floored me with this gift. I plan on getting out here in the next few days and really giving it a go. We are now on the second leg of our journey, and after a day of driving, we are at Hubby’s parents’ house. The weather is much warmer, so I am looking forward to not having to wear a sweater, plus it will mean getting the kids out of the house more as well. Well, it’s late, and I am bushed. The babe is pretty tired too, so it’s time to go to bed. Things will be calmer here than they were last week for the wedding, fewer people, more bathrooms (one for 15 people at one point), and some more outdoor space to play. Hope you are all having a great week, with some cheery spring weather as well.

gifts • Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 • 8 Comments »