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Decluttering My Shoes

Part of my decluttering has been getting rid of and/or replacing things that aren’t working for me. Since my pregnancy with the babe, my feet have never been the same. I think it was probably being completely immobile for months and my muscles just going kaput, then the added weight of the babe inside my belly and my body just being too weak to support it all. Anyway, black shoes that I had for years no longer fit and even some new thrift store shoes that I thought fit ended up killing my toes. So the only thing to do was go out and purchase a new pair of black shoes that would work for pretty much any occasion. Not much call for dressing up out here, and I have never been able to walk in heels anyway, so I just needed a pair that I could wear with trousers or a skirt. I found these at the first store I looked at and they are like walking on pillows they are so comfy. I think that they can transition between trousers and skirts quite nicely and I think they are a classic enough design that I can get away with them for years. I was able to gather up three other pairs of black shoes that weren’t working for me and replace them with these. Comfy new shoes and less shoes, definitely a win-win for my feet and my decluttering.

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