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Marks and Spencer’s Uniform Dress

Sometimes I’m amazed at what shows up at thrift stores. The other day when we were in Wisconsin, I ran to the thrift store hoping to find a pair of pants for my oldest boy. I of course got sidetracked by the girls dresses and found this beauty. It is a Marks and Spencer’s school uniform dress from the 90’s. It is almost identical to the one I wore when I went to school in England, except for mine was brown and white. As it was a size 5 (just like my daughter) and in pink (her favourite colour), how could I resist. It goes perfectly with the little hand sewn vintage slip I also found her in a different thrift store in town. I just love when I find things that bring back such wonderful childhood memories for me, and to see the joy a new pink dress and pretty slip brings to my daughter is great.

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