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Gardening Gloves and Seedlings

Last year was the first year that we did any serious gardening. I really do prefer to have my hands in the soil, but there were a few jobs where it would have been nice to have a good pair of gardening gloves, so this year I bought some. I love them, they are so bright and cheery, and they are leather rather than that plasticy, rubbery stuff which I would imagine would make my hands feel all sweaty and gross. This year, dealing with the prickly raspberry bush will be a much nicer task. My friend Deb tells me that there really is no such thing as greenfingers so I just need to get out there and do it (well, she put it much nicer, but really that’s what I need to do). So here we are, a new spring to start working with. I’m throwing myself into it this year and though I expect plenty of failures, I’m hoping for more successes as well. Look, some of the seeds have sprouted and we are on our way. Not brilliant pictures, but I was so excited to show you that at least I haven’t managed to kill them off yet. I must admit, I still have this knot in the pit of my stomach that somehow I will manage to wipe them all out, but I’m giving it a go. We should learn plenty in the process, and besides, it sure is fun.

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