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Laura Jammies

laura jammies Isn’t this the sweetest little Laura nightdress you’ve ever seen? We love Little House on the Prairie and it just so happens that my mother-in-law is a wonderful seamstress. This is the second year she has made gorgeous jammies for my kiddos for Christmas. This is the first year that the babe has gotten some proper bigger baby jammies, and aren’t they beautiful? You can’t really tell in the picture, but there are matching bloomer style pants that go under the dress. There is even a mop cap, though we forgot to put it on when I snapped the picture this morning. She doesn’t wear it to bed as I’m afraid she would wake up scared if she had it fall down over her face, but my five year old dons hers every night. I absolutely love them, and the girls do too. This past summer she made a summer version for my five year old, and I think I might just have to ask really nicely to see if she’ll do a summer nightdress for the babe as her birthday is in July, so perfect timing. I’m hoping that this is now firmly a tradition, as I know we all love the end product, but also the time and effort that went into creating these wonderful gifts.

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