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New Uses for a Torn Knit Sheet

A couple of weeks ago, a small hole turned into a giant tear in my daughter’s sheet. Instead of mending it, I decided to save it to use for other projects. I figured I would use some of it to make summer pj’s for the girls. These past two weeks have been filled with runny noses, and the three boxes of kleenex in the closet ( they were given to us this past summer) had finally run out. Normally we use hankies, but I just don’t have enough to deal with this kind of onslaught. So what do you do when you have four little noses that have decided they are running a marathon and you need a massive amount of hankies fast? You take your trusty rotary cutter and cut the torn sheet into strips, then squares. Then you toss them all in a 25 cent thrift store basket and call it a day. I made each hankie 5" square so it’s perfect for one big nose blow. I only used about half of the sheet and got 160 hankies out of it, so let’s just hope that lasts the day. On a side note, we took the babe in yesterday as her cough had gotten worse. The doctor said that for lack of a better term he was diagnosing her with bronchitis. She is now on antibiotics, and holding steady.

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kids hankies.jpgOne way that we have tried to consume less and save on the budget is by using hankies. I’ve had lots of fun trying to build up a collection. I have a good start, but if everyone came down with colds at the same time, we might be a tad short. I have some from when we lived in Japan, one from a friend in New Zealand, a couple from my great grandmother, and the rest have been picked up at thrift and antique stores. crocheted edge hankies.jpgI’ve got a couple with some beautifully crocheted edges and several with some gorgeous embroidery. I even found a cute little child’s hanky.embroidered hankies.jpg The other day when I was out birthday shopping with my mom, I found this beautiful smoky brown hand embroidered hanky which would be great for using at more solemn occasions. My new favourite is this hanky with pink and brown houses.brown hankies.jpgThen of course there are plenty of floral hankies as well.floral hankies.jpgI don’t usually pay more than one dollar for a hanky, so over time that is significantly less money than buying boxes of tissues. As far as laundry goes, with the amount of laundry that six people generate, a couple dozen hankies really doesn’t add much. Besides, it’s so much more fun having a colourful hanky in your pocket, and so much softer on your nose. I love collecting them and keeping my eye out wherever I go, hoping to find some new ones. There are so many beautiful hankies out there, but a lot of them are really fragile so I try to only get ones that can handle some serious nose blowing. Using hankies is just one small way we try to consume and discard less.

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