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Knit Headbands

Last week, there was one really nice day where the weather was fairly warm, though the breeze was just a bit too much for the babe. She kept wiping the hair out of her eyes, and I know it was bothering her. The only problem is, she doesn’t keep barrettes or ponytail holders in her hair. If she knows something is up there, she will rip it out, so most of the time she goes accessory free. I grabbed an old knit shirt and cut a strip and with a small running stitch sewed the ends together. I made it wide enough that I thought she might not feel it so much on her head. She kept it on the entire time we were out, then promptly ripped it out when we got back inside. I guess having a headband on was less annoying than her hair in her eyes. The great thing about knit fabric is that it doesn’t unravel so you really don’t have to do any hemming. It took me all of about three minutes to make this headband, and most of that was spent looking for a needle. They look so cute, are so easy to make and are great for little and big girls alike. I think I might be whipping myself up some now that we’ll be outdoors more.

sewing • Friday, April 23rd, 2010 • 8 Comments »