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Elk at Rocky Mountain National Park

This past weekend we paid a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was beautiful and we spent a little bit of time driving round to find some elk. They are starting to congregate to rut (their mating period) and we were lucky to spot a few. Here is a cow, She is beautiful. During the rut, the biggest, strongest bulls will have a harem of up to 20 cows. She’s been spotted. This was one big elk, and he wasn’t more than 50 yards away from us. Every year when they congregate, the bulls will fight for dominance and only the strongest maintain harems. The chase is on. He went after her licking his lips and bugling. Rejected. Silly boy, even cows need a respectable amount of wooing. The bugling of the male elk is eery (at least to me). It can be heard for miles and sounds like someone is being murdered. Incidentally, our eldest can imitate it perfectly. What a majestic creature, we were so lucky to see them so close. We did end up seeing one male and his harem of 17 cows, but they were much farther away. We are hoping to go one more time when there are many more elk in the meadows, it would be great to see some of them antler wrestling for dominance.

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