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An Afternoon at the Beach

The day after we arrived to the shore house, we headed on down to the beach, not the proper ocean, but a pretty beach nonetheless. See those poles sticking out of the water? Those are where different people have marked clam beds. It felt so good to have our feet on the sand, though the water was still a tad chilly (read, absolutely freezing). There was lots of sand castle making (more pictures to come) and digging in the sand. Searching for treasures, and finding a few. Over the two weeks we were at the shore we ended up going to several different beaches and had a blast at each one. This little one was the closest so we were able to go there more and the kids especially loved heading out after supper for a quick jaunt to the water. The babe learned to say “ocean” really quickly and she is still talking about it. We don’t have much water out here in Wyoming, and even fewer beaches, so it was really, really great to be able to be by the ocean. I do love the prairie, but I think I might need the sound of the ocean to feel truly calm. It brought back so many wonderful memories, especially of vacationing in Cornwall as a girl. I really do miss it, it was such fun to be there. Here’s to many more vacations to come, filled with oceany goodness.

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