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Chai Concentrate

I love chai tea. I love it’s sweet spiciness. Usually I just buy decaf chai tea bags, but I don’t measure very carefully with the honey, so it’s usually trial and error as to weather I get it exactly how I like it or not. The other day when I was over at Angry Chicken, I saw that she made a chai concentrate. I knew I had to try it. She used this recipe. I realize that it doesn’t technically have all the same spices as real chai tea, but it’s a pretty good substitute. It was really easy, all you do is mix some spices into some sweetened condensed milk. At first I tried to leave out the extra spoon of sugar, but I did find that it needed it, so went ahead and added it back in. Also, there was just a touch too much cardamom in my opinion, so next time I will probably only put 3/4 teaspoon in. Now all I have to do is brew some black tea, and spoon in a couple of spoonfulls of the chai concentrate and voila, chai tea. When you need a good cup of something hot, what do you reach for?

food • Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 • 19 Comments »