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The Perfect Banana Bread

Now that the weather has taken a turn for the chilly and very windy I have put my baking hat on again. I love banana bread, but banana bread recipes are tricky. They are usually too dry or either way too sweet or not quite sweet enough. The day after I tried a new recipe (which ended up being disappointing) I saw Steph’s post. I bookmarked it and made a point of making sure I had all of the ingredients. This is the last recipe I will ever try, it is absolutely perfect. Just the right hint of sweet, and spice and if you can manage to wait (which is next to impossible) until the next day they are even more moist and perfect. I admit I am not patient, so instead of making a loaf, I made muffins. They took me 17 minutes to bake, but do check them sooner as I know for a fact my oven is awful and never is quite accurate. This recipe made 20 muffins which truth be told didn’t last long at all. Oh, and I didn’t have any hazlenuts, so I swapped out pecans and they were great. The kids love having their own little banana bread cakes and seriously they are the most amazing banana bread muffins. Here is the recipe, go on, try them. You won’t regret it.

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