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lettucesunflowerbrussel sproutsflowersartichokeThis past Saturday we drove to the park to have a picnic, but when we got there our usual spot was taken. We drove around to find another spot and found a perfect little area that we ended up having all to ourselves. There was a little grove of small trees that made the perfect hideaway, and just a little walk away was a section of the botanic garden. To my surprise there was also a little section of allotments. I had no idea they were there, but was thrilled to find them. Two of my kiddos walked with me around the lots trying to see everything that was being grown there. There were all the usual veg, such as squash, tomatoes, and green beans, but there were also some I had not seen grown around here like the artichokes and brussels sprouts. There were also plenty of beautiful flowers. It was exciting to see some of these and it gives me some hope of what I may be able to grow in the future. I do love having some fruit and veg growing in our garden as it’s so nice to be able to run outside and pluck some juicy tomatoes off of the bush for lunch, but I can imagine it would be quite nice to whisk away for a couple of hours on your own to just clear your head and dig in the earth. With a nursing babe, that’s not really a possibility at the moment, but in the future, who knows. I have big plans on expanding my garden next year, and hopefully not so many of my seedlings will die. As I am basically teaching myself the ropes, I guess I must expect plenty of failures, but hopefully I’ll start having more successes as well. Regardless, it’s refreshing to see food being grown, and for me it is extremely fulfilling to feed myself and my family food that we have grown ourselves. What are your favourite things to grow?

gardening • Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 • 3 Comments »