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Settling Back In

star garland Well, we are finally back home and getting somewhat settled in to our normal routine. It was such a rush when we got home to finish up last minute Christmas gifts, not to mention all the laundry etc. from being gone for two and a half weeks, that I am just now feeling like I am able to catch my breath. It was really nice to get away for a while and visit Hubby’s family. Some of them had not yet met the babe, so that was great. Apart from the really bad weather while driving (we drove through three different blizzards), everything went smoothly. It always makes me nervous as sometimes with different routines, or no routines at all, things can be hard on the little ones, but I didn’t need to worry, they all took it in stride. Granted, they all had a lot more sweets than normal and not nearly enough sleep, but despite this things went really well. It’s always good to get home though, and tomorrow needs to start our normal days again. Back to schooling, cooking, lots of snuggles and reading, and good amounts of resting and sleep. Unfortunately the babe has gone back to waking up a lot at night, so not much sleep for me, but one day she will be older and I will miss these times. I wanted to show you one more gift I made for Christmas. This was one of the garlands I made out of these Grandma Twinkle Stars. I really love how it turned out. The pattern is from The Royal Sisters, and is so hugely versatile. My daughter wants some for her room, so it looks like we will have some fun picking out colours for her star garland. I hope everyone had a really nice Christmas. I am looking forward to this next year and can’t wait to share lots of things with you. Thanks again everyone for taking the time to visit every day and for commenting as well. I truly appreciate it.

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