Dish Draining Mat

Here is my latest 20 Minutes project. I needed a mat to put under my dish drainer, so I grabbed some muslin and some french terry cloth and made this simple mat. Anybody with just about any sewing experience could whip one of these out in no time. When I was teaching myself to sew, I needed to know the very basics and I loved when I could find tutorials and pictures to explain the directions I was reading. I am a very visual learner, so in that vein, I have made a tutorial here. I am hoping that this will help a new sewer to learn a little bit more about how things go together. You could use this method to make many things. Placemats, coasters, little baby doll blankets. The possibilities are endless. I hope it is a help to somebody.

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10 Responses to “Dish Draining Mat”

  1. kristina says:

    Oh it’s far too lovely to be a dish draining mat! K x

  2. Trudy says:

    I love that all things “old” are “new” again but with little “twists” to the original projects from bygone eras. I can remember my great-grandmother sewing all sorts of things when she came to stay with us. I still have a coat that she made my Chatty Cathy doll out of the fabric from an old coat of hers. She crocheted coasters and mats and quilted of course. All of that AND she made the best chicken and dumplings in the world! I miss you, Mama Harris.

  3. French Knots says:

    What pretty fabric – makes a dull job more cheerful!

  4. AG Ambroult says:

    great idea,love that fabric. And thanks for another tutorial!

  5. Lynne says:

    Hi, nice reading your blog. I just popped over from MarmaladeRose.

  6. oooh I so need several of these!!!

  7. Mousy Brown says:

    I love that fabric and the tutorial too! Can’t wait to feel better – want to get started on some crafting! 🙂

  8. Jennifer says:

    I’m glad you guys like it, I almost didn’t post it as I thought it was too boring.

  9. Anna, Sydney says:

    Too cute for chores, I agree! And with your accompanying photos you could make anything ordinary seem perfectly mesmerizing, I’m sure!

  10. Charlotte says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Hope you are well?

    Am just catching up after busy period 🙂

    Love the little mat, I am definitely going to learn to sew things this year. Definitely.

    Love Charlotte

    ps did the little mouse arrive? He was sent before Christmas..

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