Cables and Buttons

I do enjoy colour, but I also enjoy neutrals. I find them somewhat calming, the natural feel to a wooden button, the gentle twist of a creamy cable.

I am enjoying finding depth in texture and style as opposed to colour.

knitting, sewing • Friday, February 3rd, 2012 • 6 Comments »
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6 Responses to “Cables and Buttons”

  1. Mousy Brown says:

    Those photo’s are so beautiful, calm and peaceful and so pretty. A breath of fresh air on a friday evening – thank you!

  2. Pomona x says:

    Lovely pictures of your knitting – I like the buttons, too. Have a good weekend!

    Pomona x

  3. Camilla says:

    Looks beautiful!
    I agree, natural hues & texture are both lovely.

  4. amanda makes says:

    Hi My dear friend! I was so thrilled to hear from you!So sorry I haven’t written yet. I’m waiting for a good chunk of time so I can write a proper letter/email! Loads of love, XXXXXXXX

  5. Petit Filoux says:

    I completely agree. I love how other people use colour, but deep down, I’m more of a natural colours kind of person. Browns, creams, greys, love them all!

  6. Ann says:

    I just love your blog, your photographs are very nice and I really like that beautiful fabric, Ann.

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