Refried Beans

Just a quick pop in today as I’m trying to catch up from being gone over the weekend. If you love refried beans, and we do, then you should definitely check this recipe out. It uses canned beans to quickly whip up some delicious homemade refried beans.

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Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Bars

I am working on a crochet project for a dear friend of mine. I am in love with the yarn, it’s such a gorgeous colour, and I love the project itself. It is the first complicated pattern I have tried, and I seem to have not thought of the fact that most patterns are written by right-handed people, and I am a lefty. You wouldn’t think this makes much of a difference, but everything I am crocheting is backwards. I am trying to combine reading instructions, with looking at charts, all while constantly flipping things round in my head and my hands. I’m going very slowly and triple checking everything as I do not want to get to the end and realize that something went dreadfully wrong. I am very excited about the end result and though it may be slow going, and definitely brain taxing, I am really enjoying it. Unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures as it is to be a total surprise for my friend, even the colour. So I thought I’d show you what I ate while working on it the other night. Chocolate raspberry truffle bars, yum. It was a recipe I ripped out of a magazine years ago, and finally got round to trying. You seriously do not want to know how much butter, and sugar or how many eggs were in this small cake. It was scrumptious though, and it made all the work my brain was doing just a little easier.

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Progress in the Garden

Everything seems to take so much longer to grow here, but we are finally making some progress. We’ve got peppers and beans, aren’t those teeny beans so cute? This is the first year I’ve grown either of these veg. We’ve also got cucumbers, yellow squash, and cantaloupes beginning to flower. There are even some small green tomatoes popping up. The raspberry and current bushes are bulking up as well. Last year was the first year we had them and they weren’t much more than a couple of twigs, though they are filling out very nicely this year. For a while I thought my entire garden was doomed as nothing seemed to be growing in the slightest, but now we are picking up speed. Here’s to a late blooming garden.

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No-Rise Bread

I love homemade bread, but let’s face it, I don’t always have a couple of hours to get a loaf to the table. We just won’t mention the fact that I am often just not organized enough. So here it is, the most delicious quick, no-rise bread. When I say delicious, I do mean delicious. I’ve made dinner rolls, roasted tomato focaccia (forgot to snap a pic before I took my pizza wheel to it), even cinnamon rolls. From start to finish I can have some sort of bread made in less than 20 minutes, I kid you not, even with little distractions I like to call kiddos. They love to help with the very small amount of kneading and shaping and they eat it up in a snap. Today I was just too tired to bother, so instead of shaping it into individual rolls or a loaf, I just patted it out into a cookie sheet and then made one ginormous tuna sandwich to feed all six of us. I like to call it a picnic loaf, as it sounds much better than a lazy, couldn’t be bothered loaf. One of these days I am going to try using half wholemeal flour as it would be better for us, but it sure does make yummy white bread. It truly is a no work, no time, no sweat recipe that’ll knock the socks off of homemade bread lovers. Do try it, you’ll be glad you did.

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Everything Is Just Peachy

Such beautiful colours. The flower was one picked out of the garden by my daughter, and it matches perfectly with a gorgeous fresh peach. Things are going pretty well here. Time is flying by and much is being accomplished. I am finally seeing some progress on the decluttering front. I keep gathering bags of items for the thrift store, and some more items to sell, and after many weeks of doing so, I am beginning to think there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now instead of stacks of clutter in front of more stacks of clutter, there are only small stacks to deal with. I am beginning to feel my head slowly unclutter as well. Our littlest one is now officially potty trained. Yipee! I can’t say that I’m sad to see diapers go (she is still in diapers at night), though now none of her little pants fit her cute little tushie. Those cloth diapers sure do add some bulk. I guess it’s a good thing that it’s summer and wearing nothing but sundresses and new undies will do just fine. Oh, and she turned two, where does the time go? This is what that fresh peach turned into, a scrumptious peach blueberry crumble. Yum! Sometimes there is nothing you need more than digging a spoon into a bowl of steaming, fruity crumble to make you feel better. Especially when there is some yummy ice cream melting into the crevices of fruit. Hope everyone is doing well. I will be doing my best to post several times a week and see how that works out for now. It feels good to be back.

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Winding Roads

Hi everybody. I’m sorry I missed being here for the last few days. I’m in the middle of I’m not quite sure what yet. I honestly am having a hard time with energy right now, and the blog seems to get the last of it. I realize that I’m not busier than anybody else, but I feel like I am spread so thin these days. Lack of sleep, decluttering, lots on my mind and just keeping up with cooking, laundry, kids etc. is wiping me out. I really don’t want to give up the blog, but I think I am going to have to cut down on posting for a while until I can pull myself together. I am going to try and post several times a week and see how that goes for a while. Thanks for understanding.

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In The Mountains

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Well, we’re off for a weekend in the mountains. We’re heading out early in the morning, so I’ll see you all on Monday. I haven’t forgotten the rest of the questions, I’m still trying to track down a few photos, but I should be able to answer the last couple of questions at the beginning of the week. Have a great weekend!

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Celtic Festival

This past weekend, our town had a Celtic festival. I was really looking forward to it as I have fond memories of Scotland. After we lived in England, we moved to Scotland for three years. I love the sound of bagpipes, and I miss hearing them more often. When we lived in Scotland, I took Highland dancing lessons, and adored them. I haven’t really danced since then, but that was definitely a highlight for me. The festival was really nice as it brought back some great memories. My brother even plays the bagpipes a bit, so now I need to convince him to give the kids some lessons. It was a really hot morning, but we all had fun. I must admit, I teared up a bit when they played Amazing Grace on the pipes and drums, it gets me every time. I know lots of towns in the States have Celtic festivals, so if your town has one and you’ve never been, give it a go. You’ll have fun, I promise.

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Wide Open Spaces

This is Wyoming, at least our part of it. Pretty much everywhere you look, it will be just like this. It is flat, goes on forever, and the sky is gorgeous. Throw in some antelope, there are always plenty of those. Add some more prairie and sky, and a few bison, and there you have it. Wyoming. Not a tree to see, not many hills. The prairie and sky just go on forever. The perfect setting for an old fashioned western. In our part of Wyoming, this truly is what you see, everywhere. It’s no exaggeration, you can see for miles (we can see the rockies on a clear day, and that is 100 miles away). The scenery doesn’t change much at all, but it is gorgeous and the sky, well, it just doesn’t get any prettier than out here.

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