Once again I am having problems with WordPress and photos. So instead, I will just give you a quick update. This last week hasn’t gone exactly to plan with extra dental appointments, one child with a fly type bug (fingers crossed nobody else gets it) and lots of preparations. Soon we will be taking a cross country trip, only to the East Coast this time. First stop Maine, second stop Virginia. Our first leg of the journey will be 33 hours (not counting stops), so I am a little nervous how that is going to go. I’ve got plenty of ginger chews ready for our girl who half the time gets car sick, and lots of games etc. for those who don’t. I’ve got a couple of books and some knitting for me as projects while sitting in the dark in the hotel as the children are sleeping. I always think that the hardest part of a trip is getting out the door. Making lists, digging out suitcases, trying to tidy the house before you leave and all the last minute laundry and packing. Hubby will be gone on business for the three days before we leave so that will add a little extra work while he’s gone. We’re all very excited to be going away for some fun family time and I will try to post occasionally while we are gone. I do have posts planned from now until the end of the week, so hopefully I can start uploading pictures soon.

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Ordinary Moments

I had more moments, but WordPress just isn’t letting me upload them today, so this will have to suffice. Hope everyone is enjoying the ordinary.

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Natural disasters anywhere are heartbreaking, there has been so much devastation lately, it seems. The tsunami in Japan hits closer to home for me, as it once was my home. I was born in Japan and apart from a brief time back in the States, I was in Japan until I was five. I have such wonderful memories, a surprising lot, considering how young I was. I lived in the area where the earthquake and tsunami hit, seeing all of the horror just makes my heart ache for the Japanese people. We can pray for the survivors whose lives have been changed forever. We can donate money, every penny helps. May we do all we can to help this country rebuild. May we pray for those who are suffering such terrible loss. Please donate to the American Red Cross or any other organization that can help.

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Irish Oaten Rolls

Here’s another great roll recipe, the Irish oaten rolls from Nigella Kitchen. They were easy to make, yummy to eat and I think they look nice as well, especially with a few oats scattered on top. It’s nice to switch back and forth between different kinds of rolls, biscuits and bread for meals and finding great recipes using mostly or completely whole grains is even better. Do you have a go to recipe for bread/biscuit/rolls?

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Decluttering My Shoes

Part of my decluttering has been getting rid of and/or replacing things that aren’t working for me. Since my pregnancy with the babe, my feet have never been the same. I think it was probably being completely immobile for months and my muscles just going kaput, then the added weight of the babe inside my belly and my body just being too weak to support it all. Anyway, black shoes that I had for years no longer fit and even some new thrift store shoes that I thought fit ended up killing my toes. So the only thing to do was go out and purchase a new pair of black shoes that would work for pretty much any occasion. Not much call for dressing up out here, and I have never been able to walk in heels anyway, so I just needed a pair that I could wear with trousers or a skirt. I found these at the first store I looked at and they are like walking on pillows they are so comfy. I think that they can transition between trousers and skirts quite nicely and I think they are a classic enough design that I can get away with them for years. I was able to gather up three other pairs of black shoes that weren’t working for me and replace them with these. Comfy new shoes and less shoes, definitely a win-win for my feet and my decluttering.

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Ordinary Moments

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The Dublin Wrap

This is my latest creation, in knitting that is, The Dublin Wrap. When we were visiting my brother in Oregon, I spent some time in a wool shop and picked out this gorgeous green wool. I really love the shade, it is so me, and I wanted to make a nice warm wrap with it. I had the dublin wrap in my queue on Ravelry for a while and thought this would make a perfect project. I must say all that moss stitch took a while, but I am pleased with the result for the most part. The ruffle isn’t very ruffle-y, more of a curl, but I will try to see what I can do about that. It is very warm and I very much love the colour. This shawl pin is is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. It was a gift for Christmas (thanks, Dad!) and it is just perfect. It was made by American Carver, and I love the way it is not completely smooth, you can tell it was handmade. It is a perfect fit with my new wrap. I’m still working on the cardi for the babe, and then next up will be a sweater vest for me, I’m slowly working my way up to sleeves.

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More Fabric Gift Bags

We’ve got an 8th birthday here this week, I can’t believe my kiddos are growing up so fast. So, in my quest to have less waste at not only Christmas but birthdays too, I have added another fabric gift bag to the stash. I am trying to make all of the bags not really occasion specific, but more gender specific so that they will all work for just about any occasion or person we need them for. I really like how this one turned out, I used some denim fabric and unbleached twill tape for the ties and border. I took a rectangle of fabric, turned it right sides together and stitched up the sides. Then I turned it right side out and folded the twill tape in half and used it like bias tape, tucking the long tie into the bias in the middle of the back. Super easy and effective. My stash is slow growing, but I figure if I make a couple of bags as birthdays etc. come along, by the end of the year we will have just about all that we need.

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Whole Wheat Biscuits

The humble biscuit, so delicious, eaten so many ways. Used to sop up gravy, fresh out of the oven, soaked in butter, eaten cold with jam for breakfast the next day. I have been on the lookout for a great whole wheat biscuit recipe for a while now. There is a time for dense and whole wheaty, but a biscuit is not that place. A biscuit needs to be light and flaky, it needs to split into layers when you open it. Well, I need look no further. Here is it, the most amazing whole wheat biscuit recipe. The secret is that you roll it out, fold the ends over, roll it out again, several times. Trust me, it only takes a few minutes and it is oh so worth it. This is one recipe that will be passed down for generations in our family, it is that good. Give it a try, it will revolutionize your whole wheat biscuit world.

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Ordinary Moments

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