Wide Open Spaces

This is Wyoming, at least our part of it. Pretty much everywhere you look, it will be just like this. It is flat, goes on forever, and the sky is gorgeous. Throw in some antelope, there are always plenty of those. Add some more prairie and sky, and a few bison, and there you have it. Wyoming. Not a tree to see, not many hills. The prairie and sky just go on forever. The perfect setting for an old fashioned western. In our part of Wyoming, this truly is what you see, everywhere. It’s no exaggeration, you can see for miles (we can see the rockies on a clear day, and that is 100 miles away). The scenery doesn’t change much at all, but it is gorgeous and the sky, well, it just doesn’t get any prettier than out here.

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5 Responses to “Wide Open Spaces”

  1. amanda makes says:

    Whenever I see your piccies I’m particularly aware of how different our lives are and I’m overcome with gratitude that our bloggy world exists where we can meet and find that we have so much in common inspite of the distance. Have a lovely day my friend. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Your world is so different to mine – I have green hills and trees as far as I can see!!

  3. Sandie says:

    I just LOVE Wyoming ….it and Wyomingites were kind to me at a difficult time in my life and, even though it’s thousands of miles away, it felt like home.

    Like no other place on earth!

  4. Betty Ann says:

    Oh, I can testify to the wide open space and beautiful sky out in Wyoming – also to the fact that the antelope came right up to our window when we stayed at the Air Force Base during our visit. Also, does anyone know where I can purchase some tumbleweed?

  5. val says:

    How gorgeous. As our friends have said … so different to where each one lives and so interesting. Seeing your photos reminded me of reading the Laura Ingles Wilder books to my children ….. and then again to myself because I love them! You could just imagine a covered wagon and children running through the grasses! Thanks for sharing and refreshing me I have enjoyed my visit very much!
    Val <

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