Nature In Illinois

mushrooms on tree acorns moss I love living on the prairie, but the one thing I do miss most is the lush, green surroundings of just about anywhere else. Everything is so different here. It’s rainy (which I love), there is still so much green around (though I only managed to show pictures with more browns), and there is an abundance of wildlife and beauty. There are wild mushrooms growing everywhere. I am waking up to loads of different bird song. I can feel the moisture in the air, and I love it. Hubby’s parents live in what used to be an old military academy and the grounds are gorgeous. They said that there are often deer, even wild turkeys running around out back. Also, lots of woodchucks, tons of birds and lately, there have been sightings of a coyote in the woods. Yesterday while everyone else was taking a nap or watching football, I put the babe in the sling and my mother-in-law and I took a nice long walk. The weather has been in the fifties here, so a huge change from the below freezing weather at home. It’s been nice to be outside, and I have been trying to be out whenever I can. Anyway, the walk, it was gorgeous. Beautiful stone and brick buildings everywhere, even a gorgeous brick sidewalk. I couldn’t take the camera yesterday as it’s really hard to take photos with the babe strapped to my front. She fancies herself a photographer which makes for an interesting time. I promise I will take more photos when I’m out with Hubby so he can carry her. The only downside was that on our way back, we spotted a coyote across the street in front of a house, so I am a little nervous about being out with small children and I probably won’t go walking anywhere unless Hubby is along. I still don’t have regular access to the internet which is making posting, reading, commenting, even e-mail a bit of a problem. Hopefully that will be resolved soon. Can’t wait to show you some more of the views here. Hope you are all having a fantastic week.

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4 Responses to “Nature In Illinois”

  1. Concetta says:

    Oh my, what do coyote’s do? (excuse the urbanite ignorance!)

  2. kristina says:

    What beautiful pictures! And the buildings and wildlife sound amazing–what a wonderful place to live/visit. K x

  3. Mousy Brown says:

    Coyotes sound scary but the rest of it sounds lovely – glad you are having a great time šŸ™‚

  4. Andrew Pelt says:

    I’ve been reading a few posts and really and enjoy your writing. I’m just starting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and give the reader so much insight.

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