Green, Green, Everywhere

This week on our month long adventure, we are in Illinois again, visiting Hubby’s parents. The farther east we have gotten, the greener the landscape. There just aren’t many trees in Wyoming, and definitely not this much green at this time of year. Spring is in full bloom here, and everywhere I look are the most gorgeous shades of green. There is moss growing on anything that will stand still long enough and so, so many trees. Of course along with all of the green, is warmer weather and lots of humidity. There is no humidity in Wyoming, but here there is lots. It makes the temperature feel hotter than it is, and I must say, my hair grows bigger every time I step outdoors. Everything is so gorgeous though, and I am thankful for a little change of scenery. Besides, I was told it snowed 10 inches at home yesterday, ugh!

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3 Responses to “Green, Green, Everywhere”

  1. amanda makes says:

    You take such beautiful pictures, Jennifer! Glad you’re having a good time and Hey! Enjoy that big hair!!! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx(flat hair)

  2. Lovely photos! Spring has been late here after the severe winter, but finally the countryside is looking green! I enjoyed your last post about the vintage school dress – lots of schools here still have similar dresses – but not worn with such a pretty underskirt!

  3. Mousy Brown says:

    We are both feeling green at the moment! (and you know you are welcome to visit us if you get to save up enough change! :D)

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