We’re having lots of fun on our trip so far, but I must admit, it is a little difficult adjusting to never being at home. The babe is not generally comfortable out of her own little circle of “normal”, and so she is always by my side. This isn’t a problem, but at home she will go play on her own or with the bigger kids, here she doesn’t want to be out of my sight. She is also staying up until I go to bed, which I must admit, has made me realize how much I need those couple of hours after the kids go to bed. I am craving a little bit of down time, just a few minutes of peace and quiet. It’ is also a bit odd trying to keep to a different laundry schedule, though I must admit, not having to cook every meal has been kind of nice. Don’t get me wrong, I am having fun and it’s been nice having a change of pace, but I think I will really enjoy returning home. I am looking forward to heading out to the shore in a couple of days. I love being by the water and cannot wait to walk along the beach. The kids are really excited as well. I’m still not sure exactly what our internet situation is going to be, so I might be a bit absent here for a bit, but I’m sure I will have lots to tell and show you when I get back. Please know that I love receiving your comments, and am so thankful that you take the time to stop by and say hello. I am trying to keep up with your blogs as well, but have just not had the time to comment. Hubby and I are sharing a computer and he is working still, so my time is short. Well, I am having a hard time concentrating, having the babe tap my arm every 10 seconds for help isn’t helping much either. I think I shall say goodnight and think about heading to bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day, packing up all of our bags and getting ready to hit the road again. I hope you are all having a great week, and thanks so much for the wonderful invitations to visit when we finally get over to Britain. Rest assured, I will definitely be taking you up on your offers for tea and a visit.

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  1. As much as I enjoy travelling, I am always glad to get back home, to sit on my own chair, sleep in my own bed and eat my usual diet. When we lived in Indonesia, we had a maid who did our cooking, but eventually, I took over cooking duties, as I missed my own way of cooking things!! I am enjoying reading about your trip – I will have to consult a map, as I am slightly hazy as to where you are!!

  2. Charity says:

    I have always found travelling a bit more of a challenge with the kids – they just don’t enjoy leaving their schedules & routines behind as much as we do! 🙂 I’m sure it’s a great experience for all of you, though.

  3. Emily says:

    I hear ya. Traveling is so much fun but it is hard to break some of those steadfast routines, especially with kids in tow. Enjoy the beach!

  4. Bley says:

    Yes, last year on our first vacation with a baby I realized that moms don’t really get vacations. Especially when the kiddies are out of their normal routines! But it sounds like you all are having a good time nonetheless. Enjoy your break from cooking and the beach!

  5. Mousy Brown says:

    Have fun at the beach – hope you get to have a rest…. Travel is good but home is always best, especially when you make it as lovely as you do! Look forward to seeing all the pictures you take when you get back xxx

  6. toasted says:

    I’ve done a couple of long travels with my kids to visit family in England. It was very tiring!! I loved it, I will do it again, but…man …. being on duty all-the-time and never just slopping around your own home purposelessly with no-one around for you to be polite too is completely knackering! The memories are good though!

  7. val says:

    Hello, I remember travelling a long journey with our three little boys, I made up parcels to be opened at 100 miles, 200 miles, 300 miles, etc. I don’t know who enjoyed it the most … the little men or me putting them all together!
    What en adventure you all are having, and what memories you are blessing your little ones with.
    Enjoy EVERY minute …… they grow up so quickly.
    love Val xx

  8. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your trip, what an adventure!

  9. felicity says:

    hope you have a lovely time, it must be hard with children too, we have to travel alot with our four year old and the are we nearly there yets! fliss xxx

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