I learned how to knit about six years ago, and worked at it for quite a while. I made scarves, hats, even tried some smaller items on double pointed needles. I got really frustrated with double pointed needles. I could never get the hang of them and it was more trouble than it was worth at that point. I put down my needles for years and picked up crochet instead. I found it easier, and really got the hang of it quite quickly. As I’ve gained more confidence in learning new stitches, following patterns etc. I kept thinking about picking up some knitting needles again. I wanted to work on some wristwarmers but knew this was going to entail doubled pointed needles again so I was very, very excited when I discovered the magic loop method. It means that I can knit something I would normally have to use dpn’s for on a single circular needle, hurray. I found this tutorial and happily dove right in. I must admit it took a bit of figuring it out (only on my end, the video is excellent) but once I got the hang of it, it was great. In my quest for fantastic high impact, low budget gift ideas I came across this pattern for Toast wrist warmers. They are gorgeous and with this magic loop method an absolute breeze to make. I’m already on my second pair. They took me more than just a couple of hours to knit (though I am definitely on the slow side), but they are gorgeous, highly practical, and depending on your yarn choice could either be really budget friendly or a little bit of luxury. I’ve been a member of ravelry for a while, but now that I’m getting back into knitting and finishing up quite a few crochet projects, I’ve started filling in some projects. It’s taking me a while to get some of my recent projects on there, but it’s nice to have them be in one place with all the info I need for them. I’m theprairiegirl, so stop on by and say hello, and I’d love to see the things you’ve been working on. I hope everyone is staying warm, the weather seems to definitely be heading into winter most places. It’s been freezing, very windy, and snowing for more than a month out here, so wrist warmers were the perfect cure. What are you doing to stay warm?

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  1. Emma says:

    They’re really nice, really simple and effective!
    Well I say simple I cant knit so nothing about knitting is simple for me!!
    Em xxx

  2. I’ve been knitting off and on for several years and have heard of the magic loop method but lacked the gumption to learn it. Well, you certainly convinced me to try it. Thanks for the links to the tutorial and pattern! See you around ravelry!

  3. amanda makes says:

    Gorgeous gloves! I’ve never tried this way of knitting but that’s a great tutorial! I shall give it a go. Thanks Jennifer! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx

  4. Petit Filoux says:

    I haven’t been very good with dpns either, so might check out that tutorial when I get home! thanks!

  5. Those are great! I need to teach myself to knit!!

  6. Mousy Brown says:

    I love that when you decide to try something, you just seem to keep going until you work it out….I really need to learn from that – I look at the tutorials for magic loop get frustrated and give up right away! Mind you I love knitting with double pins so maybe I am just resistant to change! Great wrist warmers – that colour looks so lovely on you – glad it is keeping you warm too – keep knitting! Em xx

  7. kristina says:

    Oh your Toast wristwarmers are so lovely. The color is perfect. Have been meaning to do a pair for ages. And now that we have snow, it’s probably time!

    Your knitting/crochet journey is just the opposite of mine. I find double points much easier than magic loop–and I’ve just about given up on crochet–sooo hard!

    Looking forward to keeping up on Ravelry (jollyhockey)!

    K x

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