The Dublin Wrap

This is my latest creation, in knitting that is, The Dublin Wrap. When we were visiting my brother in Oregon, I spent some time in a wool shop and picked out this gorgeous green wool. I really love the shade, it is so me, and I wanted to make a nice warm wrap with it. I had the dublin wrap in my queue on Ravelry for a while and thought this would make a perfect project. I must say all that moss stitch took a while, but I am pleased with the result for the most part. The ruffle isn’t very ruffle-y, more of a curl, but I will try to see what I can do about that. It is very warm and I very much love the colour. This shawl pin is is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. It was a gift for Christmas (thanks, Dad!) and it is just perfect. It was made by American Carver, and I love the way it is not completely smooth, you can tell it was handmade. It is a perfect fit with my new wrap. I’m still working on the cardi for the babe, and then next up will be a sweater vest for me, I’m slowly working my way up to sleeves.

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7 Responses to “The Dublin Wrap”

  1. Petit Filoux says:

    I love moss stitch, I think it’s one of my favourite stitches! And that pin does look beautiful!

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Yes I think you would love Durgan – it is a lovely special place. What about Dublin? Have you ever been there? It is so brilliant and vibrant – your wrap would be the perfect attire,

    Love Sarah x

  3. Jennifer says:

    sarah-jane, we never made it to Ireland, but were in Cornwall quite a bit. Such great memories!

  4. kristina says:

    Oh it looks lovely! And such a beautiful shawl pin too. K x

  5. Mousy Brown says:

    That is SOOO beautiful! I think the colour is wonderful and you look so lovely in it – well done on all that knitting! The pin is fantastic – what a clever gift 😀

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thanks everybody, I appreciate all the wrap/pin love.

  7. Liz says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    That shawl is absolutely beautiful. I am new to your blog and it makes for lovely reading. 🙂

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