Fun Learning

I love finding fun ways to learn and/or reinforce learning for my kids. Games are always a popular way to spend time, especially in the dark and dreary winter when it’s too cold and windy to play outside. Here are some of the games that my kids love, and I love too. Multiplication War is a great one. The stack of cards gets divided between two kids and they each turn one card over at a time. They then have to quickly work the multiplication problem in their head and the child with the greater amount wins both cards. There is a cheat sheet card in the game which my six year old uses when she plays with her oldest brother. She is picking up a surprising amount of multiplication just by playing this way. The Alphabet Puzzle by Eeboo is also a great game, especially for the babe. She likes to sit for quite a while and pair up all of the letters and numbers. The cards are very sturdy and stand up well to little hands playing with them. They are beautifully designed, I really love their products. Blink is another fantastic game. My six year old loves this game, and she’s really fast too. Again the stack is divided into two and one card is flipped over in the middle of the players. Each player then needs to discard all of their stack of cards by matching either colour, shape, or number of shapes on the card. It is seriously fast paced and loads of fun. So these are a few of our favourite educational games, do you have any that you love?

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  1. amanda makes says:

    You’re such a good Mama!!! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Trudy says:

    Grandma is getting pretty good at Blink, too 🙂

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