String Bag #3

I made this string bag a while ago, but promptly forgot about it in shuffle of everybody being so ill. I used this pattern, which was a breeze to crochet. I did add some extra rows in the middle as I wanted the bag to be a bit bigger, but otherwise it is the same pattern. I had lots and lots of natural cotton, but I am thinking of dyeing it a brighter colour now that it is done and my stash is almost gone. This is the biggest bag (though it’s not huge) I’ve done and I really like it. I have intentions of getting one more bag done before the month is out, and I hope I’ll be able to get to it. I love making my own bags, and this has been such a fun challenge as it is not something I’ve done before. Even though I have not had luck in finding a pattern to match what I need for big shops, these smaller bags will definitely have their place. For one, they’ll be easier for the kiddos to manage. They will be perfect for produce bags and also little gift bags. Several different little handmade string bags would also be perfect tied up with pretty ribbons for a gift. Well, it’s supposed to snow again today and tomorrow, I am thankful that we are having days of springyness in between the cold, grey weather, but I will definitely be glad when it is more consistently warm. No real sign of spring here in the form of buds or anything green, but I am keeping a keen eye out. What are your favourite signs of spring?

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9 Responses to “String Bag #3”

  1. The smell of my washing hung out to dry! x

  2. Sue says:

    I agree about the smell of line dried washing, you can’t beat it. I also love the first daffodils and the new buds on trees.

  3. cornel says:

    Cool bag! Makes me want to crochet one of my own. C

  4. Summerfete says:

    It has to be the birdsong!

  5. Amelia says:

    love this bag – very clever and I love it against the wooden boards as a backdrop!

    I also enjoy making bags, in fact many things and wish I had more hours in the day sometimes 🙂


  6. camilla says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    -came by to say hi to you and nice to meet you. What a neat blog you have, looks like we share many common interests. Most excellent bag…love how they expand for more groceries. Glad spring is knocking on your door.

  7. Emily says:

    Great bag! We’re covered in snow at the moment too. This morning it was bright and sunny, this afternoon we had a thunderstorm with hail, and now we’re covered in snow. Crazy. We had a surprise glimpse of spring out in the yard yesterday – we found two beautiful flowers growing. Other than that, the buds on our trees are barely visible and our grass is struggling to become green again. I’m with you – I enjoy our warm days in between the cold and snow.

  8. Rattling On says:

    I like the bag the colour it is! Classic. I’ve started what will be the last for the string-a-long and I’m having a go at making up a pattern. Might be a disaster…
    Raining all the time here, though we do have bulbs out and the birds are looking for nest materials.

  9. Mousy Brown says:

    I enjoyed making that one too – it grew very quickly and I liked the shape – I think now it has gone as a gift bag I maight have to make another! Have a good day xxx

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