So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

Hi everybody! I feel bad as I am almost constantly taking little breaks from my blog. Such is life with four little ones though, I suppose. I am in the middle of a couple of projects, one which is some serious decluttering of the house. It is taking up all of my time and I am feeling so ready for it to be done, that I really need to be able to focus on that and the family for the next few days. I will be back on Monday, hopefully with a much calmer house, and mind. Have you recently decluttered, or do you need to? What’s your favourite tip for decluttering? Do you feel so much better when it is done? How do you decide what to keep and what to let go?

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11 Responses to “So Many Things To Do, So Little Time”

  1. Sue says:

    Hope the decluttering goes well. My tip is do one room at a time, it seems a bit less daunting then. I always feel much better after a good tidy, lighter somehow. Have a good weekend.

  2. amanda makes says:

    I agree. Small bites is the way I tackle it otherwise I get over faced. You’ll feel great when you start. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. Kim says:

    I am decluttering, because we just got back from a 3 week road trip through the States. Getting your bags unpacked and all such stuff really makes a mess off the house, and since our two cats stayed at home, there’s a lot of vacuming to do…
    Whenever I declutter I make even smaller bits than doing rooms… I start with the kitchentop, have a cup of coffee, then the tables in the livingroom, have a cup of tea, then off to the closets and so on. I am not a star in decluttering, but this seams to help…

  4. Petit Filoux says:

    I guess I get round to doing it everytime I have to pack up my stuff to move somewhere new! Which has happened quite a bit what with going to university and all. Haven’t moved in the last 3 years though, but last winter I did give away a load of clothes that no longer fit – you know the type you hold on to just in case? Just in case you need to paint walls, just in case you loose those 5 stones, just in case…! And yes, I definitely always feel much better for it once it’s done!

  5. French Knots says:

    I do it in 15 minute chunks, working quickly and making keep it, recycle, charity shop piles. I find if I give myself time to think I umm and err and end up keeping most of it! Short bursts of quick decisions works for me!

  6. Floss says:

    We’re in the same position here – I’m trying to motivate my decluttering by imagining blogging about it when it’s done! My husband’s just finished building a wonderful storage shed, and for the first time we’ve actually got enough space to store things properly. The decluttered utility room has really motivated me – it is a million times better than when it was crowded with clutter, and that makes me feel good about what I’ll achieve in the other rooms too!

  7. I recently decluttered my wardrobe – I feel so much better when I open the wardrobe doors and don’t have to look at the clothes which were too small – and as I gave them to charity shops, hopefully someone else is enjoying wearing them.

  8. Mousy Brown says:

    Enjoy your break, I hope you get to rest a bit too after your long, long nights! I will be decluttering over here along with you – shall we stop for a cup of tea together? xxx

  9. Like others have said, little chunks. And get it out of the house as soon as possible. Otherwise it hangs around on the stairs forever.

  10. Rosie Girl says:

    Firstly, I just had to write to say I love it when bloggers take breaks. It reminds me (as a new blogger), that it’s alright. No. Better than alright. It’s normal. When I take a break it feels huge–I fret a bit about it. But as a reader, I always feel better when bloggers pause to catch up with their own lives.
    And same wave length on the de-cluttering. I have been on a de-cluttering frenzy for the past 6 months actually. Once I got started trying to pare our stuff down, little by little I just keep realizing new layers I’m ready to move on from. I just can’t stop myself now. Every room of the house is subjected to my de-cluttering gaze most every moment. And, I must admit, it feels so incredibly good to have the house simpler. It’s shocking just how connected we feel to so much stuff that doesn’t even get used most of the time. Good luck to you and enjoy your break. We’ll still be here! 🙂

  11. felicity says:

    im trying to declutter too, its really hard! fliss xx

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