Scones and Memories

sconeWhat do you do when you and the babe aren’t feeling quite up to par? When the big kids are climbing the walls and you really don’t want to send them back out to the mud pit that used to be your yard? Why, you ask your five year old if she wants to help you make some scones. Then what do you do when you can’t find your trusty scone recipe? You find a new one and hope it works out. What do you do when the new recipe is a complete flop? You slather it with extra jam and cream and eat them anyway. Then what? Well, you send the kids back out into the mud, after all that’s what is really important, right? Full bellies, play exhausted kids and happy memories.

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8 Responses to “Scones and Memories”

  1. Grace says:

    What a sweet thing to do on a day that’s upside down.

    Your scone photo is beautiful!

    (This is my first visit here, what a sweet space!)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Grace, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Mousy Brown says:

    Sounds a perfect way to turn a day around – everything tastes better with cream! Hope your weekend is easier Mx

  4. amber says:

    these look delicious, jennifer. even though you say they were a flop. and yes, cream and jam make everything better 🙂

  5. ginny says:

    a huge dollop of jam always does the trick in our house too…
    wishing you a lovely weekend and thank you also for leaving such lovely comments at sweetmyrtle,
    warmest wishes
    ginny x

  6. cathleen says:

    I’ve had a few scone disasters myself but…hey, they always taste really good even if they don’t look so good…and yours look really, really good!!

  7. kristina says:

    That doesn’t look like a flop to me. Looks delicious! K x

  8. Sandie says:

    There’s always a debate in this house as to whether the jam goes on first or the cream. Mr Dancing does it the opposite way to me but I put it down to the fact that he’s from Somerset!

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