New Uses for a Torn Knit Sheet

A couple of weeks ago, a small hole turned into a giant tear in my daughter’s sheet. Instead of mending it, I decided to save it to use for other projects. I figured I would use some of it to make summer pj’s for the girls. These past two weeks have been filled with runny noses, and the three boxes of kleenex in the closet ( they were given to us this past summer) had finally run out. Normally we use hankies, but I just don’t have enough to deal with this kind of onslaught. So what do you do when you have four little noses that have decided they are running a marathon and you need a massive amount of hankies fast? You take your trusty rotary cutter and cut the torn sheet into strips, then squares. Then you toss them all in a 25 cent thrift store basket and call it a day. I made each hankie 5" square so it’s perfect for one big nose blow. I only used about half of the sheet and got 160 hankies out of it, so let’s just hope that lasts the day. On a side note, we took the babe in yesterday as her cough had gotten worse. The doctor said that for lack of a better term he was diagnosing her with bronchitis. She is now on antibiotics, and holding steady.

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14 Responses to “New Uses for a Torn Knit Sheet”

  1. lucy says:

    These hankies are completely adorable, I love.
    Hugs to your smallest.

  2. Tallis says:

    catching up, hope urs keep well and get rid if the bugs.

    Some nice posts to read up on too

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Nice idea with the hankies – my nephew could use a ton of those. Whenever he sneezes it is just gross – and he NEVER has a hankie on him!! Hope the babe is feeling a bit better soon.

  4. Sue says:

    Such cheerful hankies, hope the baby is better soon.

  5. Rattling On says:

    We are all stricken with the coughing lurgy as well. Mine seems to be dragging on and on.
    I like the big men’s hankies, especially when they’ve been washed hundreds of times and are really soft (like your sheets). New ones are horrid.

  6. Anna, Sydney says:

    THE cutest hankies I’ve ever seen. Almost a shame to use them for the intended purpose, hahaha.

  7. Pretty hankies, hope you’re all on the mend soon.

  8. sherry says:

    brilliant! 🙂

  9. Petit Filoux says:

    You’re so resourceful, that’s brilliant! Oh I hope the little one gets better really soon xx

  10. Mousy Brown says:

    Oh it sounds like you are having such a tough time – I always find it especially hard when they are little – it just seems so unfair and you can’t explain that it will all go eventually! I hope the antibiotics work quickly – I love your idea with the sheet and the daffs are stunning! – take care – we are all thinking of you – em xx

  11. Lynne says:

    Sounds as though you’ve been having a rough time of things lately. I do hope eveyone gets back to the best of health soon.

  12. French Knots says:

    Hope you are all soon germ free! My littlest one is on his 4th cough/cold of the year, roll on spring!

  13. AG Ambroult says:

    Excellent idea! In my quest to cut down on paper waster, I’ve been searching for vintage hankies, with only some success. But I have a few old sheets/pillowcases I could cut up! thanks for this.
    And I am glad to see you are back! babe will be better before you now it!

  14. Julia says:

    Brilliant idea! I keep our ginormous se of hankies in a pretty box. I call it the “Kleenex box.” No need to ever buy tissues again. It’s a gift to the planet as well as your children. Nicely done, good rescue/reuse strategy, and so pretty. Hope the kiddoes get well soon. Thaks for your ongoing inspiration. I visit often.

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