Progress in the Garden

Everything seems to take so much longer to grow here, but we are finally making some progress. We’ve got peppers and beans, aren’t those teeny beans so cute? This is the first year I’ve grown either of these veg. We’ve also got cucumbers, yellow squash, and cantaloupes beginning to flower. There are even some small green tomatoes popping up. The raspberry and current bushes are bulking up as well. Last year was the first year we had them and they weren’t much more than a couple of twigs, though they are filling out very nicely this year. For a while I thought my entire garden was doomed as nothing seemed to be growing in the slightest, but now we are picking up speed. Here’s to a late blooming garden.

gardening • Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 • 6 Comments »

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  1. Where we live in the Scottish Borders, our growing season is about a monthe behind the South of England (gardening programmes and magazines are based on the English season) …. but you are even further behind us!!

  2. French Knots says:

    It’s wonderful isn’t it – planting a seed and watching the plant grow and fruit.

  3. amanda makes says:

    Hmmm. It’s up to you now , Jennifer! You’re doing it for both of us. My Veg growing attempts seemed doomed….and they were. So I’m pinning my hopes on you kiddo! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  4. This post so makes me want a summer garden to tend to and harvest! 🙂 Late bloomin’ but providing nonetheless. Great work.

  5. Rattling On says:

    Sounds like here! We live at over 1100 feet and it’s a lot colder than the rest of the UK in summer. We’ve also had rain every day for the last 2 weeks. Looks like green tomato chutney again this year…

  6. Mousy Brown says:

    Well done – I am so glad it wasn’t all dead like you feared! You DO have green fingers 😀

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