Faux Gardening

I feel like I am cheating when it comes to gardening when I plant already started plants into the ground. I have resigned myself to the fact that if I want to grow anything, this is the way it will have to be. Forget greenfingers, I have gardening fingers of death. Do you remember all of my beautiful seedlings? Want to know how many survived? Not one single one. After lovingly looking after them for months, they just stopped growing. They weren’t big enough to transplant, and I have no idea what I did wrong. It is so disheartening for me, as I really, really want to be able to grow things from seed. We ended up going to the garden center and purchasing already started plants. I got them in the ground and have high hopes for them producing. We shall see though, as I can manage to kill just about any plant with a single glance. The decluttering is going well, I have a whole van load to head to the thrift store, a stack of books that I am selling, and a few things that are going on ebay. I still have so much more to do, but I am finally seeing some progress. Oh, and I am finally getting sleep. If the babe takes a late afternoon nap, she doesn’t go to sleep till about 9:30pm, but she doesn’t wake up during the night. I’m still trying to decide whether I want calm, quiet, child free evenings or a decent nights sleep. Some days it’s a toss up.

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  1. I would just stick with planting garden centre plants – much less stressful!! Glad you’re getting some more sleep – as she gets older she will grow out of her nap.

  2. amanda makes says:

    I’m exactly the same when it comes to growing from seed and not much better when I buy the ready grown plug plants! It’s so disappointing isn’t it? Yet I keep trying. I think it’s time to give in and buy the plants! So glad you’re getting more sleep. It’s so important. Lots of love, Jennifer. Amanda xxx

  3. Oh my…I hear ya. I have a 1.5 yr old, who climbed on my shelf and toppled all my seedlings, and those she didn’t topple, she pulled out one by one. I opted for less stress and bought most of my plants too…there is so much you can start by seed anyhow…lettuce, spinach, beets, carrots, kale, chard…they all do really well…but, I say go for less stress!!! And give yourself a pat on the back for getting them into the ground, (which can also be a monumental task when you have little ones.) Happy Gardening!!
    🙂 maureen

  4. Emily says:

    Oh, I’m with you on the gardening! It’s such a learning experience and is full of trial and error. The error is so disappointing though, isn’t it!? Especially with my visions of fresh salsa and veggies from our garden. So far the squirrels aren’t terrorizing it as much as last year but we’re still a way from harvesting most things. Hope your starter plants do well for you!
    Glad you’re getting better rest.

  5. Mousy Brown says:

    I’d go for the full nights sleep anytime! Nice to know you have options though isn’t it? I planted bought plants for years when the boys were little – sometimes you just have to accept that no matter how much you would like to do it differently, the easy path is the one to take. Don’t feel too downhearted – you have many more years of gardening ahead of you to perfect the seed thing. Take care and go easy on yourself, glad your sorting out is going well Em xxxx

  6. Adina says:

    From my black thumb perspective I think you accomplished a lot getting seeds to sprout and grow a little. I’ve tried planting all sorts of seeds to no avail. The closest success story I have was planting a bunch of tulip bulbs. Only two grew into dwarf sized tulips. (They weren’t supposed to be dwarfs.) They even bloomed! Then the dog ate the flowers.

  7. Ruffsta says:

    i always start my seeds in straight potting soil… not no mix stuff – just pure potting soil. i start them in little pots and trans plant them when they are about 2-3 inches. i plant 3 seeds per pot. i water them a little every night. 1/2 sun 1/2 shade – but my back porch gets nice and hot like a green house..

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