Daffodils and Vintage Sheets

Well, instead of this last two weeks being filled with projects around the home, decluttering, and general family merriment, it was spent nursing four sick little ones to health. Unfortunately we have not turned round the corner just yet. My kids haven’t been this ill for years, if ever, for some of them. They are holding up pretty well, but it’s not pretty. Lots of really runny noses, not to mention they all sound like barking seals, with this nasty cough. These daffodils (20 of them for less than $3) in my blue stripey jug have been cheering me up on the kitchen table. This winter has been dreadfully long and I am so ready for spring. A little bit of sunshine in a jug has really helped. Now the babe has acquired the lovely cough, so it is off to the doctors again as there is nothing over the counter that you can give to a child so young. This ickiness has caused the boys to miss the last two weeks of their swimming lessons, which is very disappointing to them, not to mention we had a birthday boy in midst of all of this. We will be doing a fun day trip for all as soon as everyone is better, in honour of his birthday. Here is another little bit of springy goodness, a vintage sheet for my daughter’s bed. Bright orange and yellow flowers have really cheered her room up, and she loves it, just what she needed in the midst of feeling so blah. Well, my plan is to be back regularly now, but if I don’t show up one day, just know that I want to be here, but other duties call. Hope you all are feeling well, and had a nice restful weekend.

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10 Responses to “Daffodils and Vintage Sheets”

  1. French Knots says:

    I have a jug just like that, the daffs look so cheerful against the blue and white.
    Hope yours is soon a healthy householdxx

  2. Wonderful vintage sheet, just the ticket for poorly little ones! what a tough week it must have been. Fingers crossed everyone is on the mend now.

    Thank you so much for your sweet message, it was lovely to hear from you.

    Sarah x

  3. Sue says:

    Sorry to hear you are still poorly, hope those coughs go really soon. You are right daffodils make a room look full of sunshine if only it was like that outside.

  4. Jenny says:

    Hugs- keep buying the daffs! xxx

  5. Mousy Brown says:

    Those look so cheery – glad that things are turning the corner a bit although it sounds like you still need to go slowly – lovely to have you back – hope it keeps getting better xxx

  6. Anna, Sydney says:

    Being crook on your birthday, oh NO! That would’ve sucked for the little one. Happy thoughts to all of you.

  7. Emily says:

    Those daffodils in the jug are so cheerful! Sorry it’s been such a bad run with the kiddos. Hoping you’ll be cough-free and enjoying warmer weather soon.

  8. If writing can travel down phone lines then why not healing vibes? I am sending you lots and lots, with love. xxxx

  9. Petit Filoux says:

    Lovely flowers!! It’s been so cold here they’re saying daffodils are 4 weeks late this year! Hope you all get better soon x

  10. kendra says:

    how lovely that you can write such a cheery post after all the sickies!

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