Berries, Berries, and more Berries

The area behind our house is wooded and has been left to take over itself. I was absolutely delighted to find these all right in our own back yard, and so were the kids. I must say that they are teeny tiny, a feast for a fairy, but the children have had fun picking those that are ripe and I love the fact that we now live in a place where things grow on their own. There aren’t enough ripe at one time to do anything with other than snack, but that’ll work just fine.

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5 Responses to “Berries, Berries, and more Berries”

  1. Mousy Brown says:

    What a wonderful space to have on your doorstep – I can only imagine what adventures you will all have there! I am so happy for you finding this special place to settle xxx

  2. amanda makes says:

    Hi Jennifer! I still can’t get used to you posting all these green photos! I’m so happy that you love your new home. Have you made new friends yet? Is there much of a crafting community and yarn shops etc? Are you right by the sea? Loads of love, Amanda xxx

  3. Erika W. says:

    These wild blackberries and raspberries make absolutely the best jam in the world. Or freeze for crumbles, etc .

  4. jeanie says:

    wow, wondered where you went, kept checking back. So today I find the lovely berry photos and think, “wooded area? blackberries, blueberries, raspberries in Wyoming?” It will be fun to hear your dispatches from Maine, sounds like you are very happy. Hope there are good thrift stores nearby!

  5. kristina says:

    Oh my three favorite berries–yum! Hoping to plant some blueberry bushes on the allotment this autumn, but of course they’ll never be as fabulous as the Maine ones!

    K x

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