Simple Summer Breakfast

The babe has never been a good sleeper, until we were out at the shore. It must have been that ocean air, as she slept most of the night without waking up at all (which is really, really good for her). Since we’ve been back we’ve had more night wakings and the problem is getting worse. Last night was pretty bad, and I am exhausted. As I think I will have a hard time doing normal tasks today, let along putting together a coherent post, I am showing you our breakfast yesterday. Thrilling, I know. Though there is something really nice about having a simple summer breakfast of homemade bread, toasted and slathered with butter, a bowl full of gorgeous, ripe strawberries and bowls full of homemade yogurt. What are your favourite summer breakfasts?

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  1. Rattling On says:

    I’m very boring, and eat mostly the same thing every day. Granola with soya milk. Cup of tea. That’s pretty much it. Occasionally I like a croissant, and would LOVE bacon and eggs…if I didn’t have to either make it or clean up afterwards!! Completely sympathise re the non sleeper. One of mine was so bad I really thought for a while I’d go insane. (I’m not exaggerating here). Black-out blinds helped a little bit, and Horlicks at bedtime also settled her. But I suppose like most things it just passes eventually. Not much help!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I will definitely have to try the Horlicks, I have some stocked up from England. See? With not enough sleep, I can’t even think of things that might help. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Absolutely my favourite breakfast ever, yum!

    Sarah x

  4. amanda makes says:

    Hi Jennifer! I really feel for you. If I lived closer I’d play with little one while you had a nap. Here’s hoping the Horlicks does the trick. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  5. Sue says:

    My sympathy over the non sleeping, my youngest was the same. She did grow out of it eventually. Oh and the breakfast looks yummy. I have the same thing weekday mornings, porridge and toast at the weekends. I’m a creature of habit.

  6. Monday to Friday I have cereal (this morning I sliced some strawberries on the top), orange juice and a very big mug of tea. Saturdays we go out for breakfast – probably scrambled egg on toast. Sundays …. sometimes boiled eggs and toast, sometimes kippers! With my son, I found the best thing was a set routine at the same time every night – bath, bed, story, then he went to sleep listening to music (nursey rhymes when he was little, Bruce Springsteen by the time he was 6!!) He had to have his room completely dark – when he was in his teens and had a tv in his room, he had to cover up the little red stand-by light (in a time before it was a crime to leave the tv on stand-by!!!)

  7. Jennifer says:

    frayedattheedge, she does really well going to sleep, it’s just waking up a bunch during the night that is the problem. I do agree having a routine does help a lot. Eggs, toast and kippers sounds great!

  8. megan says:

    my lil’ one was the same way…waking during the night. At times, she still wakes, yet it is easier to get a six year old back to bed than a 3 year old! I found and still find that mid day naps are a culprit. When she was young, I tried for no more then twenty minute naps and then would gently wake her. Lot’s of running and fresh air also helps. Good luck…and remember, this too shall pass!

  9. kendra says:

    that is pretty much my dream breakfast… toast and strawberries are where it’s at! and homemade! yum! if i’m really hungry – with eggs & bacon <3

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