Homemade Oatmeal Bread and Scottish Heather Honey

oatmeal bread and heather honey I love making my own bread, there is something about smelling it rise and pulling a beautiful golden loaf out of the oven that I just adore.  The only hard part is waiting long enough so as not to burn my fingers trying to get at a slice before it has had the chance to cool slightly. Both of my girls have been ill and some nice bread was just what they needed to ease their tummies back into health.  I, however, needed an excuse to slather on some thick, golden Scottish heather honey.  My mom recently returned from a trip to England to visit a dear friend of ours in the town that we lived in when I was a child.  She brought home many treats including the honey.  The second I smelled it I knew a fresh baked loaf was in order.  The moment I tasted it I was transported right back to Scotland where I had first tried it.  It still amazes me that a smell or taste can take you back 15 years as though it was yesterday, and I was reminded that this indeed, is the best honey in the world.

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