Clementine Curd

Before Christmas we received a gift of clementines from family traveling in California. They were indeed the best clementines I have ever tasted and after eating clementine after clementine I knew I needed to do something with that last couple of dozen before they started turning.

I have to say, I’ve never been a massive fan of lemon curd, I like the idea, I think it just had too much of a tangy taste for my personal preference, so when I found this recipe for clementine curd I was very excited as I thought the extra sweetness would be perfect.

I made up a double batch, leaving out the zest (just another odd preference of mine) and was so thrilled with the result that I made up another double batch the next day with the last of the clementines. The next day we had clementine curd over waffles topped with whipped cream for a treat. It was declared the best waffle ever by the children, me too.

I chilled the remaining jars of curd overnight in the fridge and they are now in the freezer waiting for a dreary February day to come out and cheer our tastebuds. So if you have a handful of clementines waiting around, I would highly recommend that you try this out, it is oh so worth it.

We had a nice big snow yesterday and the kids were able to play out for a couple of hours. I can’t tell you how nice it is to live in a place where it is still bearable to be out in the winter. In Wyoming in the winter it was regularly -20 freezing and just way too windy to play out. Here the kids can get bundled up and play for hours in the snow, for which I am very thankful, and they are too.

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3 Responses to “Clementine Curd”

  1. Camilla says:

    Looks so sweet and refreshing.
    We are expecting a doozie of snow storm next week- can’t wait for the white stuff to fly, finally the kiddos can have some fun this winter.

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    No sign of snow here at all, just a lot of frost this morning…you will have to wave it harder in our direction! The curd looks delicious…I like tangy over sweet (could have been a spanish inquision question!) but the boys would love it I think…now I just need to discover a good source of clementines…:D

  3. Jeanine says:

    Being in Cali and loving this twist. I’ve never been especially fond of lemon curd, minus the many gorgeous photos and that fragrantly tart but sweet smell. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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