We’ve all been down with nasty colds these past two weeks and everyone is now recovering except for me. I’m still resting, trying to shake the stuffy head and harsh cough. I have been able to get quite a bit of knitting done though, using that stash up bit by bit. I’ll show you some glimpses of completed projects soon.

We are all loving the feeling that the seasons are changing soon, it’s no longer pitch black when we sit down to eat supper. There are some warmer days, and the sun seems to be shining that much brighter. This will be our first spring in Maine and I am definitely looking forward to watching things bloom.

For now though I will enjoy hot oatmeal, and plenty of cups of tea. Rest is easier said than done but Hubby is brilliant and has been doing most everything around here on top of his work while I am trying to recover. I love him so!

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3 Responses to “Resting”

  1. Camilla says:

    Tis the season…3 out 4 of my kids have been sick too. Honey is amazing, it has lots of healing properties- if you add a tbls spoon to your tea, it really helps. Feel better soon.

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    I had that for my breakfast too! See we are still doing everything the same just in different places 😀 Take care and keep resting, I am sure the medicinal knitting will help!! 😀

  3. kristina says:

    Hope you’re feeling much better now. K x

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