Little Mamas

Little girls are just so nurturing, I love to see them develop their mama skills. The babe is following in her big sisters footsteps and starting to carry her babies in a sling. She wraps them up in blankies and snuggles with them, carefully tucks them in bed. Occasionally baby will be thrown to the floor, but she is always quickly retrieved with lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles in the “rocka” chair. It’s nice to see the age gap between the girls finally beginning to close. They are nearly four years apart, but as the babe is getting older, they are able to play better together. I so love to see them together, I always wished I had a sister (I love my brother to bits). Here’s to many more years of being little mamas.

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  1. Emma says:

    Aaw so cute!!
    My two older girls both liked dollies but my youngest is all about Dr Who, Pirates and World of Warcraft.
    I used to love those big baby sized dolls you could get, I remember dressing one in all my younger sisters tiny baby clothes…
    Em xx

  2. Some years ago I donated a quilt to a magazine’s appeal for quilts for Romanian orphans. They subsequently published photos of some of the children with their quilts ….. one little girl had swaddled a doll in her quilt – even in the most impoverished of lives, she still had that nurturing instinct!

  3. Sue says:

    Such lovely photos, none of my girls were particularly keen on dolls which I thought they would be. Still, they all grew up to be loving, kind and gentle.

  4. she is such a cutie. I was glad to read that the freak hail storm didn’t cause too much damage. We had one last May with hail the size of tennis balls, it smashed our roof tiles to pieces, everyone’s cars had great dents in them, windows smashed, it was pretty scary! It took months before our roof was fixed! Catherine x

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