A Little Bit About Me

I thought I would share some things about myself, so that you could get to know me a bit better. This is me, you’ll have to pardon the squinty eyes, it was very cold outside, and bright, and my 8 year old son was taking the picture for me, so we were in a hurry to get back in where it was warm. As for the lack of smile, please refer to No.1. So, in no particular order, here we go. No.1 I have braces on my teeth for the second time in my life. When I was a kid, I had them to straighten out my front teeth. During my senior year in college (13 years ago, yikes) the disc slipped out of my jaw joint and I was in tremendous pain for quite some time. Even serious pain meds couldn’t make a dent. A year after that, we found an orthodontist that could make a retainer for me to relieve the pressure of that. I wore that for 10 years until I found another orthodontist who had massively high success rates of fixing TMJ problems with orthodontics. Almost 2 1/2 years ago, I got this set of braces on and he has slowly been fixing my problems. Boy, I thought I felt pretty dorky as a kid with braces, yeah, doesn’t compare to wearing them as an adult. I am extremely grateful that he has in essence made me pain free, but I am oh so ready for these to come off. They are due to come off next month, and I can’t wait. Then my smile shall return. No.2 My dad was in the U.S. Navy for a long time and mostly we lived overseas. I was born and lived in Japan for almost five years, then after living in Maryland for a couple of years, we moved to England, then Scotland. I loved it. We lived in Cheltenham, and I went to British schools. Those were the best years ever, and I can’t wait to one day take my family back there. As putting six of us on a plane is a tad bit over our budget, I’ll have to dream on for a little bit. One day…. No.3 I am a leftie. I love being a leftie. Sure, there are always annoying little things like scissors being angled incorrectly, or spirals on notebooks getting in the way when I write, but the only time being a leftie was actually a disadvantage was in second grade. My teacher thought it was entirely appropriate to ridicule me in front of the class for being left-handed. “Why can’t you write like everybody else?” she asked constantly, with disgust in her voice, loud enough for everyone to hear. Sweet woman. Oh, and as much as I wanted to use fountain pens, I wasn’t ever really able to, it just left a inky smear. Other than that, I love being a leftie. No.4 When I am overwhelmed, a good book, a slice of cake, and a cup of tea do wonders. No.5 I am learning way more now that I am homeschooling my kids, than I ever did growing up. I’m still amazed at how so many of my teachers made history so boring. I love homeschooling and look forward to many more years of it. No.6 I love flowers. I love pretty plants, and I need to get some more for inside the house. They cheer me up, especially in the winter. I prefer plants over flowers at the moment, because they are so expensive, and plants last a lot longer. I do have plans for a cutting garden one day, and then my home will be filled with plants and cut flowers in every room. No.7 For the last 9 years and 3 months, I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding. It doesn’t feel that long, but between the four kids, it has. No.8 I love the rain, I think it must have something to do with growing up in England. I really do love it, I find it soothing, and beautiful. As long as it’s not freezing cold, I love to be out in the rain. It doesn’t bother me at all. No.9 I prefer to be barefoot. I don’t really care for socks or shoes and would go barefoot all the time if I could (well not out to the stores etc.) That is the part I like the least about winter. I don’t mind wearing sweaters, or snuggling up in blankets, but I really hate it when it finally gets cold enough that I have to wear socks. No.10 We bought 40 acres when I was pregnant with the babe. We are hoping to move out there in the next year. I can’t wait. I dream of one day having chickens, a beautiful barn, and lots of space for the kids to play. A massive veg garden, a small orchard, and a cutting garden. I have so many plans, who knows how long it will take for us to make them a reality, but I’m planning. So, we have four youngish (8,6,5 and 18 months) children and a pretty small house. We homeschool them, which means they are always here, always. Some days are more about keeping the peace than anything else. Some days all I need is an hour without any noise. There are plenty of good bits, way more than bad bits. I have four sweet, loving children, and I am very blessed to have them. But you know what, I love what I do, I have the best job in the world, and I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything in the world.

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27 Responses to “A Little Bit About Me”

  1. AG Ambroult says:

    Jennifer! Thanks for sharing yourself with us. This was a great idea. It’s really good to get to know more about you–more then what comes through in a usual blog post.
    Horray for getting your braces off next month! I had them twice, when I was younger. And I remember how painful they were–without TMJ problems, so I can’t imagine the pain you have had. Looking forwad to seeing your new smile soon. Please post an ear-to-ear smile pic when then time comes!

  2. amanda makes says:

    Well hello You! It’s great to put a face to the name..a pretty face at that! It’s lovely to know more about you! What a good idea. You will show us the After-Brace-Removal-Smile I hope! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. vanessa says:

    Thank you for letting us get to know you better! It’s always lovely to find out more about a person! Maybe I need to do that more on my blog! You have travelled a lot! My OH lived in Maryland for several years and said they were some of the best of his life. You sound like you have a wonderful life and family and I love your dreams, you will reach them all one day i’m sure! Have a wonderful rest of a day! xxx

  4. French Knots says:

    When ‘One day’ comes you are all welcome to stay here if you visit England. And 40 acres, oh wow!
    Super to see you!x

  5. Concetta says:

    Very lovely to see and meet you! You are amazing, I hope you know that! From one of your English friends. x

  6. Wow! What a fabulous post! England is such a special place isn’t it? For big trips I recommend a change jar, I recommended to a friend and after 4 years they had enough to go abroad (they saved all change and $1 bills)!

  7. Jenny says:

    Lovely to meet you lovely Jennifer! So good to know more about you. xx

  8. Kristina says:

    Ohhh, I can relate to the braces story. I bet you’re looking forward to getting them off!

    Sweetfern Handmade

  9. Mary Poppins says:

    Hi there Jennifer 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with us a little more about you I have really enjoyed reading. I can relate to many of your pointers. I too love a good book,tea and cake. I wore braces including the head gear, boy did I loook funny, but I actually loved wearing it. I am pretty much always bare foot, I hate wearing socks or tights and even on these cold nights I often creep outside barefooted running to the garage for something or other, and my Daughter, 8 is a leftie too.

    You are now on my sidebar so is much easier to get to you 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful offer, I am very excited and have emailed you.

    love and hugs


  10. Emma says:

    What a lovely post,your little corner of the world sounds idyllic!
    Where abouts in Scotland did you live?
    I lived near to Inverness for 8 years,its a beautiful part of the UK for sure.
    and as for the barefoot thing..I agree I too like barefeet in summer, but I’m too soft to not wear socks when it gets cold!!
    Em x

  11. Anna, Sydney says:

    Why, you’re gorgeous! And so young! Don’t know what I was expecting, really. But lovely to “meet” you. :o)

  12. Jennifer says:

    Thanks everybody. It sounds so silly, but I was really nervous about posting a picture of myself. I’m glad that I was able to share a few quirky things about myself, it was a lot of fun.

    Emma, we lived in a tiny town named Edzell, it is about halfway between Aberdeen and Dundee. I loved it, such gorgeous scenery in Scotland. I would love to go back there as well.

  13. Lisha says:

    It’s always lovely to meet the face behind the blog. I came across “The Prairie Girl” a few weeks ago and have been popping in every now and then and have really enjoyed reading about your life and inspirations. It’s always interesting seeing what other people halfway across the world are doing in their lives


  14. Bley says:

    Good to hear more about you! My mom used to say that the best/worst part of homeschooling is that you’re always with your children! But how wonderful that you can spend such time with them before they leave home!

  15. Emily says:

    So great to hear more about ya. 40 acres! How fun! We hope to move to a bit more space when my husband is done with his residency. I have a lot of the same hopes as far as gardens, animals, etc. And I’m with you about the barefoot thing. In New Zealand, you don’t have to wear shoes in stores, etc. So growing up, whenever we were there visiting we’d walk barefoot down to the local dairy for an ice cream. The winter’s another story though. I’m all about slippers in the winter!

  16. Elspeth says:

    Hey, Prairie Girl!
    I have enjoyed your comments on my blog, and what a treat to flick over this time and ‘meet’ you!
    Thanks for this, and good luck with all your dreams and plans.
    xx Elspeth

  17. Petit Filoux says:

    Hello there!! Such a lovely post that was! I read it yesterday but didn’t have time to comment. Thank you for sharing all those things with us, it definitely made for an interesting read (although I can’t believe that teacher would say those things to you because you were left handed – that really is shoking!!!). And you look very sweet in your photo! Don’t take this the wrong way, but I thought you were slightly older, you look so young! And you have 4 children!! Whao! I’m very impressed! x

  18. Jennifer says:

    Petit Filoux, I don’t take it the wrong way, people always think I’m really young and most people think I’m definitely way to young to have four children. You should have seen me when I was married and pregnant with my firstborn. Even though I was 22, I looked about 14, and boy did I get some looks. One elderly couple even audibly “tut, tut”ed me.

    Thanks everybody for stopping by and commenting, it is really nice to have dialogue and meet some great people.

  19. Petit Filoux says:

    Haha I can just imagine them tutting!! Well I’m sure you’re more happy with the fact that you look so young now as you get older (not that you’re old now anyway!), than you did back then!

  20. cathleen says:

    Well, Hello, there Jennifer. You’re lovely.

  21. sherry says:

    Nice to finally see you, friend. 🙂

  22. Sandie says:

    Jennifer …. what a beautiful lady you are! Thank you for sharing with us and I’m pleased to get to know you more.

    Wyoming is a special place for me, even though I am English and live in England. At a particularly difficult time in my life I travelled there and spent a month with a very hospitable family… which I shall never forget. I’ve been back a couple of times and always feel at home there …. it surely is like no other place on earth!

  23. Farmama says:

    How very nice! It’s good to meet you! I hope your dreams of farm life come true sooner than later! I love hearing about your homeschool journey.
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Mousy Brown says:

    What a lovely post – I have really felt like I have got to know you so well since meeting in the fish bowl but this was a wonderful way to discover even more! 9 years 3 months – pregnant and breastfeeding – wow! You certainly deserve a rest – I am exhausted just thinking about it – but your pleasure and happiness shine through and I didn’t need a photo to see you were a beautiful person – Thank you for being my first online friend – hope its a friendship set to last years xxx

  25. kristina says:

    So lovely to ‘meet’ you in this post! K x

  26. Kimberly says:

    First visit, but I will be back!

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