Are you the type of person that is drawn to a colour even more because of it’s name? I am. Last year when we repainted our kitchen I had to choose between dozens and dozens of cream colours and the one we eventually picked was called crumb cookie which was just perfect for a kitchen. I am drawn to yarn even more when I discover they have chosen the colour description of something like currant, or pea pod. This is my second claudia scarf and this one is for me. Growing up I was always choosing purple over pink, and just recently my love of all things purple is coming back strong. I especially love tweedy looking purples, heathery purples, not anything too light, at least for wearing. When I was picking out the yarn for my scarf I found this gorgeous bamboo and wool blend yarn in just the right shade, but was disappointed when I looked at the colour name. Purple, that’s it, purple, why on earth they didn’t come up with something more creative is a little beyond me. Perhaps I am odd in that the name can make such a difference, I think it is such an opportunity to heighten the deliciousness of the yarn, or paint, or just about anything that comes with a colour name. So I’ve decided to call it my thistle scarf as a rememberance of my years in Scotland. I made this one longer than the original pattern calls for as I really like my scarfs loooong. I love how it turned out and this truly is a fantastic pattern. It’s deceptively easy and so easy to pick up and put down, and helps pass the time while I am waiting for ballet class to be over. With extra rehearsals for the Christmas recital I’m getting quite a bit done quickly as well. So if you are in need (or want) of a new scarf, or need to get some handmade Christmas gifts done I would highly recommend this. If you don’t know how to crochet, it’s a great project to learn with. The pattern is very repetitive and quite easy to learn. What are some of your favourite yarn colours that you’ve come across?

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  1. dragonfly says:

    It’s lovely and I particularly love the colour, even if it is just purple! I’m using a wonderful yellow in my ripple blanket called Colonal Mustard! Do you know him, from Cluedo?!

  2. jacey says:

    Hi thanks for visiting my blog, I found the hat pattern at Ravelry—crochet-basque-hat-with-shell-pattern-in-eskimo it’s really quick and easy to do.
    I love your scarf , it’s a beautiful colour.
    Hope you find the time to visit me again.xx

  3. Charity says:

    Very pretty! I’m usually drawn to yarns that are heathery or tweedy… it’s that texture and variation that gets me! 🙂

  4. That looks beautiful Jennifer. Your question of the names of colours made me smile as one of my new mosaic students was last week choosing her tiles based on the names on the sample sheets! Heck, I do it with wine too! Hope you and yours are all well x

  5. Trudy says:

    It must be hereditary 🙂 Remember the color of the kitchen cupboards I painted in our house in Montana? I chose “Saltine” because I loved the name and the color befitted the kitchen….my favorite cracker as a little girl!

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