Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Bars

I am working on a crochet project for a dear friend of mine. I am in love with the yarn, it’s such a gorgeous colour, and I love the project itself. It is the first complicated pattern I have tried, and I seem to have not thought of the fact that most patterns are written by right-handed people, and I am a lefty. You wouldn’t think this makes much of a difference, but everything I am crocheting is backwards. I am trying to combine reading instructions, with looking at charts, all while constantly flipping things round in my head and my hands. I’m going very slowly and triple checking everything as I do not want to get to the end and realize that something went dreadfully wrong. I am very excited about the end result and though it may be slow going, and definitely brain taxing, I am really enjoying it. Unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures as it is to be a total surprise for my friend, even the colour. So I thought I’d show you what I ate while working on it the other night. Chocolate raspberry truffle bars, yum. It was a recipe I ripped out of a magazine years ago, and finally got round to trying. You seriously do not want to know how much butter, and sugar or how many eggs were in this small cake. It was scrumptious though, and it made all the work my brain was doing just a little easier.

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  1. Ooooooh – if only you could put a piece of that in the post to me!! Good luck with the project – I struggle to follow a crochet pattern at the best of times, never mind translating it to ‘leftie’ (a Scottish expression for a leftie is ‘corrie-fisted’).

  2. Jennifer says:

    I would have tried to figure out how, if there was any left 🙂 I don’t remember that expression, what does the ‘corrie part refer to?

  3. Erika W. says:

    When I taught tatting years ago I had lefties bring a hand mirror in with them to watch my and their neighbors’ hand movements in it.

  4. Petit Filoux says:

    Who cares about the ingredients, it looks worth it!

  5. Crochet patterns terrify me. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that they’d be the wrong way round for us lefties. I think I’m just going to have to invent my own patterns.

    As for the cake – ooooh, yum!

  6. Mousy Brown says:

    Yippee!!!!! I am so excited – would it be really greedy of me to want the recipe for that cake too??? Letter writing has started – hope to finish tonight and send tomorrow xxxx

  7. you have surely deserved that cake! You are so very clever, I have yet to try crochet. Love that bread recipe too, must try it out. Catherine x

  8. Margaret Galvin says:

    The truffle looks delicious! Please, please, PLEASE send me the recipe! I have blackberries growing at the moment and would love to try the recipe with them. Thank you!

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